OMEGA Cable Cleats and Cable CLAMPS Single-way, trefoil cleats available stock, for a wide range of cable management applications, cable diameters and short-circuit ratings. ATC TYPE , ATFC TYPE , Cable Cleat / cable clamp Supplier in Saudi arab .

"Secure Your Cables, Strengthen Your Connections with our Cable Cleats."

What is Cable Cleat ?

“A cable cleats a device designed to secure electrical cables when installed at intervals along the length of the cables” ~IEC 61914 Cable Cleats for Electrical installations. ~Cable cleats should: Prevent excessive cable movement due to fault-currentmagnetic forces. “A cable cleat is provided with a means of attachment to a mounting surface but does not rely on an unspecified mounting surface for the retention of the cables. Examples of mounting surfaces that may be specified are ladder, tray, strut, or rail, wire and beam. Where declared, cable cleats provide resistance to electromechanical forces.

Aluminium Two Bolt Cable Cleat

Aluminium Trefoil Cable Cleat

Aluminium Trefoil Cable Cleat (SP)

Aluminium Trefoil Cable Cleat (SP)

Aluminium Claw Cable Cleat

PVC / Nylon Single Bolt Cable Cleat
PVC / Nylon Two Bolt Cable Cleat
Trefoil CableCleats